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Our Dialysis Centers - Fresenius Kidney Care

Fresenius Kidney Care is the dialysis care services division of Fresenius Medical Care, which is dedicated to achieve optimal sustainable clinical, quality and technological standards in patient care by providing high-quality, personalized care, resources.

Our goal is to help people live the healthiest, fullest life possible with therapies and services that provide better treatment outcomes. Patients are supported by a dedicated team of clinic staff who supply an excellent level of care and attention that focuses on people’s individual needs.

At Fresenius Kidney Care, we support patients by addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of kidney disease through personalized care, education and lifestyle support services so they can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Our products, treatments and services are benchmarked against the highest international medical and professional standards. This is our commitment to our patients, our partners, our investors and our employees.

This is why people suffering from kidney disease know they can rely on Fresenius Medical Care for the best possible renal care.

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